Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mailing lists about GEOtop and JGrass-NewAGE

There are three mailing list active to which any GEOtop or NewaGE users/developer/sympathizer can send request and information:

GEOtop users: it treats questions about GEOtop usage, GEOtop new realeses announcements, GEOtop's physics, parameters setting, suggestions, the production of documentation, etc

GEOtop developers: it treats  about GEOtop bugs, malfunctions, source code, source code development etc.

newAgeUsers: it discusses the use of  Jgrass-NewAGE components, their releases, their physics, parameters setting, and everything about NewAGE

newAgeDevelopers: it discusses the source code of any NewAGE components, question related to the newAGE repository, bugs, the development of new components, the cleaning of old ones, etc.

Everybody can participate.

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