Monday, February 6, 2017

OMS Project of the JGrasstools

Dear GEOframe developers and users,

it has been a while since the latest post. Don't worry, we are not on vacation (we wish!) but we are working on many different tasks.
The newest is the creation of the OMS project for the use of the JGrasstools within the console.
Thanks to the OMS version of the JGrasstools, it was easy to create the simulation files for the most commonly used tools, such as the pitfiller, the definition of the flow direction, the extraction of the net and of the basins and so on.

The project, in its classical organization, has data, jar files, sim files and outputs. It is public on our organization in GitHub and available at the following link:  (

 Please, use it and let us know if everything is working.

If you don't find the sim file you are looking  for, please contact us or try to create your new one!
The creation of a sim file is a really simple task, especially when the code is well implemented and commented.

So, don't be shy, try and enjoy it!

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