Sunday, January 5, 2020

Installing Java and OMS

The Winter School on the GEOframe system is approaching.  In this post you will find all the preparatory material of the school indexed.


You are not assumed to know Python or Java to participate to the School. However programs GOFRAME programs runs on Java 8. Input/Output of models will be treated by using some scripting in Python. We will communicate the appropriate notions during the classes but the interested can finfd plenty of courses on the web (for instance this comes from SciPy 2018. Other from SciPy here.)

  • Java. GEOframe and OMS are written in Java and they require to have installed Java on your computer. Here you can find instructions to install Java on your computer.  OMS need Java 8 JDK.  Please note that you need the Java Development Toolkit (JDK) installed not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  You can watch several videos for Windows here but Windows user can follow our previous blogpost.  For Macs, look at here. Googling you can get more videos and information. 
  • OMS v 3 Console. It is possible to use Docker to execute the programs but, after the experience of the last year with Docker installations on Windows, we preferred to use directly the Console. The OMS system installation traditional information can be found here: and  During the School we will use the Console 3.6.28. To install the Console, you have to download and unzip it, put it in a directory (folder) of your choice.  A new directory called oms-3.6.28-console will be created, inside of which you'll see:
    • To start the Console from Windows, just click on the .bat file
    • To start the Console from Mac OSX or Linux, open a Terminal and execute:
      • % ./ &
    • The "&" just free the command line back and gives it back to you. 
  • During the School we will use Jupyter and Python 3 for data management and visualisation. It would be great if you could arrive with Jupyter installed.
    • The manual of Jupyterlab is here.
  • BTW, it will be useful to have also a GIS of your choice installed. We suggest QGIS.
Set the Java Home in the Console
  • Just open the pull-down menù below from the first Console Window  (you must just click on the plus sign on the fourth icon on top left) and then insert in the Java Home the full path of your Java Home (if you do not know where it is, look at here: MS Windows, Mac/Linux)

New: The OMS project and software used during the school is here on Zenodo. Download it for using it later according to the what you will find on the next pages.

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